My Spiritual journey started in 1996 when I received my first Reiki I attunement and certification. I have always been interested in the Metaphysical sciences. My college friend suggested we take this class for pure enjoyment and relaxation with the anxiety of upcoming finals. I thought it would be a deterrent, not knowing what Reiki was. While in this class, we were guided through a meditation ...and I had the most amazing spiritual experience, the vivid imagery and feeling of peace that came over me was astounding. We were all asked to share our experience and when I did, I felt a little apprehension, but couldn't wait to tell people what I saw and how I felt. It was so surreal to me. After our group had finished and we obtained our attunements, the instructor said these words to me. " You are going to be an amazing healer one day." I really did not think anything of this, my mind was focused on my physical journey of completing my education in allied health and Physical Therapy. I would use my new found gift with the kids mostly, if they didn't feel well, had an ear ache and a sore throat. And it worked!

 My Journey continued to 2007 where I received my Reiki II attunement and Certification. I turned to embracing my spiritual path .I was determined to grow and learn and focus my training to my original interest. Through the years of Growth, learning and Healing I reached one of my many goals; Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. I know I can help people. This and other holistic modalities have helped me and many others in times of mental, physical and spiritual disquietude. It is my desire to bring Love and Healing through the ancient art of Reiki, Reflexology, Integrated Energy Therapy  and other alternative health and wellness modalities. We are all healing and we are all learning on our journeys in life. Being of service to help anyone through difficulties, however small or big is my main goal in life. what's done in Love can only produce more love.
Love and Light,

"I'm just a physical being on a spiritual journey. I want to be of service to others. I want to help bring light into the hearts and minds of my clients by cultivating alternative health  and wellness practices through continued learning of holistic modalities."

Melody  is a Massachusetts  licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and A Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner. Holds certificates in Crystal Therapy and Intermediate/Advanced Aromatherapy.  Has successfully completed Mindfulness & Meditation Training. She has also been working in the rehabilitation  healthcare field for over 20 years.

Melody Bizzarro-Raimo L/PTA, C/RMT, Certified Reflexologist, Certified I.E.T. practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, and Intermediate/Advanced   Holistic Aromatherapy Certification program-ACP-235hours.

* Licensed, Certified and Insured*

Member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Practitioners)

Member of  RAA (Reflexology Association of America)

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