Based on Chinese medicine, Reflexology is an ancient holistic healing technique derived from the Greek word 'Halos', meaning 'Whole', it aims to treat the client as a 'whole' entity incorporating Mind, Body, Spirit.

Reflexologist provides gentle pressure on precise reflex points to both feet that correspond with all bodily systems. This gentle manipulation of reflex points clears the body's energy flow so that organs can function effectively and efficiently promoting a feeling of and well being and restoring vitality and balance. 

Reflexologist treats the 'whole' body to endeavor to get to the root cause of dis-ease, not just symptoms. The primary benefits of reflexology include but are not limited to; stress reduction, improves circulations, lower blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

During a Reflexology session a client is comfortably positioned on a massage table with pillows or bolsters under knees and feet. Also during a session, an individual may feel tenderness, tingling sensations, or may even fall asleep. Mostly a sense of deep relaxation.

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