Specializing: in Reiki & Reflexology.    Also offering:
  Integrated Energy Therapy
  Reiki level I and II certifications
  Meditation practice(private & group)
   Customized Reiki infused mediation      Sprays or Body oils.
  *Licensed, Certified and Insured

**Please contact me for pricing.** ~When we offer our gifts, we honor the Divine. We do the same when we receive abundance through the Divine flow of giving and receiving.  When healing work is done with a sense of service and gratitude, there is no need to feel that what we are doing should not be rewarded.

There are varying opinions regarding charging for Reiki and reflexology and all healing sessions.  The charge for Reiki sessions isn't for the Reiki itself, which is free to all, but for the investment of time by the practitioner. Would anyone expect to go to a hairstylist, massage therapist or for a mani/Pedi without a charge?

I wince at the term we've all heard so many times..." they're just in it for the money." No doubt this may be true in some cases, but I can say from personal experience, no one is going to get rich charging for Energy work sessions and classes. The amount of time and expense that a practitioner invests in setting up a practice can involve their own class tuition, training, hours of reading and practice as well as the more practical expenses of purchasing supplies such as massage table, business cards, brochures, teaching manuals, websites, liability insurance, professional membership fees and in some cases rental of a place of business. In addition, there is the amount of time invested in the session and follow up talk after the session. An average Energy healing session ideally is around an hour, give or take, plus the time spent both before and after the session.

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